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Bents Farm

Extending a compact cottage in the green belt into a family home

Local Authority: Sheffield City Council

Expertise Used: 

  • Pre-application enquiry

  • Planning application​

This stone-built cottage sits in the green belt as part of Bents Farm. Having had some alterations in the past, the client decided they would like to transform it into a family home. 


The cottage did not have the charm that would normally be expected of a building of this sort. Its interior was cramped, badly designed with a poor layout, with little outlook or natural sunlight.  Due to the level changes on the site, the cottage didn’t have any usable outdoor space. 


The plans looked to transform the space into a compact four-bed family home, that used the level changes to its advantage. By arranging the living areas onto the first floor, this allowed it to open onto the garden. 


The plans also include a newly built outbuilding/garage to replace an existing, and out of character, outbuilding on the site. 


Despite all these changes to the property, the overall increase in floor area would only be 18%, sitting within the Local Plan policies for changes to dwellings located in designated Green Belt. 


Permission was granted 11 January 2018 and the development is now complete. 

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