We are passionate supporters of sustainable developments and helping our clients understand the capacity of their application. At Crowley Associates, we can help you with the whole process from pre-application right though to appeal, if necessary. See our full list of planning services below:

Assessment of development proposal

We can assist you by assessing your initial plans and advising you on the potential of success of a planning application for your development. We can help you assess the potential risks and advise you on how to increase the chance of success for your project. 

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Development and Planning strategies

In line with the above, we can help you with your planning and development strategies before you reach the initial application stage. This will help you increase the chance of success for your project with the planning committee. 


As part of this process, we can assist with Master Planning. This can include the collation of planning briefs and the evaluation of flood risks, constraints on development, heritage sensitivities, and conservation restraints.


If you have a piece of land that you would like to develop, we can assist you in identifying a suitable developable area and helping you pull together the information required for a planning pre-application.


Advocate for case making

Whether it’s an appeal, a pre-application or a full application, we are here as your advocates to help you navigate the application process and help you achieve a successful outcome. ​

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Planning applications

We deal with all forms of planning applications from residential, to large scale developments. This includes listed building consent, development consent orders, greenfield and greenbelt applications.


Development plan applications

We will assess any development and neighbourhood plans to look for land that can be allocated to development. If you are wanting to allocate land, we will help you with initial representations to influence policy.​


Environmental Impact Assessments

We can bring together all the aspects required for an Environmental Impact Assessment helping you with this part of the planning procedure. ​


Expert Witness

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are often called upon to act as an expert witness. If you require an expert witness, we can assist in public enquires, hearing, compulsory purchase order hearings, tribunals and court proceedings. We have a proven track record of bringing local authorities to account and for setting precedence in planning matters. ​

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Planning due diligence

We can assist you and your team in reviewing and offering support and advice on acquisition and disposal. We can help by identifying risks that might end in a judicial review and help create strategies for avoiding any planning risks that might affect your project.