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Inside Sketch


Barnes Hall Farm


Open House Project





Planning Strategy; and

Full Planning Application


Group of listed buildings;

Land in the Green Belt; and

Restricted access

The property (previously an agricultural holding), encloses some 1.17 acres in area, lies for the most part vacant and disused. The collection of buildings is believed to date from as far back as the 16th Century having grown organically over the 18th, 19th and 20th Century to service the needs of Barnes Hall itself. The whole group is considered to present a relatively intact example of a high-status farmstead (a mix of arable and dairy). Its configuration around a courtyard is something of a rarity in this location.


Crowley Associates was appointed to deliver planning application, working in partnership with the project architect and client (the Open House Project) and Andrew Whitham Ltd (Historic Buildings Advisor).

The Local Authority accepted the principle of developing the site at the pre-application stage acknowledging that the re-use of the group was both desirable and
inherently sustainable. The biggest challenge then centred on the relative adaptability of the buildings. Four of the group are listed although in some ways they presented the project team with the least challenge because the policy and legislative boundaries which related to them, provided a clear point of reference.

Matters became a little more complicated in the case of the remaining buildings on site. It was clear that the remaining buildings were of local interest, their architectural and historic merit recognized as being of value to the local community. This afforded them more protection than they would otherwise have and in fact, actually presented the greatest challenges in determining where the boundaries of adaptation lay. In recognition of this, the team determined to treat them as sensitively as they did the
listed elements.


All of the buildings presented significant design challenges in terms of how the space could be subdivided internally and how access to daylight was to be managed. The team also wanted to extend a number of the properties in an unashamedly contemporary fashion and wished to add a number of curtilage structures.

Our hard work paid off and Crowley Associates delivered planning permission on 27th June 2013. The Clients have just taken ownership.