Seckar House

Helping a family create their forever home within the Green Belt

Local Authority:  Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

Expertise Used: 

  • Site analysis

  • Heritage & Townscape

  • Pre-application

  • Planning application​

Seckar House is an original small Arts and Crafts cottage which has been unsympathetically extended over the years. The family moved into the property in 2014 with a view of creating home that can accommodate the family’s current and future needs and best met planning policy objectives.

After detailed feasibility studies the conclusion was to demolish the current buildings to create a more sustainably, modern home that was multi-generational and with architectural merit that would blend with the sensitive SSI woodland setting.


Crowley Associates carried out a baseline analysis of the site, worked with the architects (CE + CA) to create a design and access statement, before arranging a round of pre-application engagement before preparing a pre-application to submit.


Following the success of the pre application, a full planning application has now been submitted and accepted.

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