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The Hen House

Overcoming historic planning issues to create the perfect home.

Local Authority:  Sheffield City Council

Expertise used:

  • Site analysis

  • Planning appraisal

  • Planning Strategy

  • Planning application

The site of the Hen House had already had a series of unsuccessful planning applications for the development before we got involved with the project. The site is situated on a steep slope, with scared access and a blanket Tree Preservation Order.

Working with the architects (Paul Testa Architecture) from the beginning of their journey with the project, we produced a site appraisal, design and siting parameters, and a strategy for taking the project through the planning process. 

Planning permission was granted in 2015.

The Hen House is a forever home that was designed to the highest standards of sustainability, and has attracted three regional awards.

Photo Credit – Dug Wilders Photography.

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