Residential development within a constrictive policy environment.

Local Authority: Bassetlaw District Council

Expertise Used: 

  • Pre-application enquiry

  • Design & Masterplanning

  • Planning application

Working with the client for a period of over eighteen months prior to the formal submission, we prepared a constraints plan for the site; helped develop the design parameters (justifying the design rationale); and developed the planning strategy.

Against a policy background of constraint and a presumption against development, we prepared and submitted a formal planning application, including Design and Access Statement, using robust evidence to justify the development.

Planning permission was granted without amendment and with only one pre-commencement condition at full committee in September 2020. 

The Local Planning Authority commented on the project as follows:

The proposal is well considered and will make a positive contribution to the surrounding area. This submitted application was extremely comprehensive and made a very strong case for the development, thank you for your team's work. 

The client is now nearing completion on site.

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