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Kings Tower

How engaging the LPA early secured planning for a large scale development.

Due to the sensitivity of the location and the scale and nature of the development we decided with the developers that it was best to engage the LPA from the pre-application stage.

By having the LPA involved from the outset it allowed us to engage with officers in a meaningful way that meant the development was able to move forward. We were able to justify our cleint's approach with robust evidence from the outset. This meant that everyone involved was immediately in a position of knowledge and certainty, which meant we were about to achieve the clients' objectives and enabled the scope and content of the planning application submission to be agreed ahead of time.

By the time of the formal submission we had outlined important milestones and agreements had been made on the details of the proposal. This ensured that our client was able to start the development with as much certainty as possible regarding the planning application outcome, including the date of the decision.

The application was approved in December 2020.

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