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Revisiting an old project

A modern house built on the garden of an existing building

Kinsley Park Grove

Last week we took the opportunity to revisit a project. Often, we never get to see the finished product that we have secured planning for, so it was great to take the time to do that.

In 2014 we were appointed to help secure planning permission for a three-bedroom house with car parking, in the back garden (curtilage) of another property on Millhouses Lane, Sheffield.

The property was designed by energy-efficient architects Enritch design and was built to ‘Passivhaus’ standards.

Working with the architects we were able to use creative design to overcome some challenges that the site faced. The first challenge was the difficult level changes within the curtilage. We had to think about how the building would impact the outlook of neighbours within the area and was in no way overbearing.

The second was the neighbour's concerns around the removal of trees. As the trees were protected by TPOs we were never going to suggest their removal and following our baseline analysis of the site we were able to advise the architect of the best positioning of the new property. Not only was the project able to accommodate the trees but ensured both the existing property and the new property had generous green space remaining and surrounding neighbours retained light and privacy.

Planning permission was secured for this property in 2014.


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